Habakkuk 3:17

I know this passage is usually taken literally, but I like to look at it spiritually. Please forgive me if my interpretation is stretching
it a little, but this is how it spoke to me today. :)

Although the fig tree shall not blossom.... (The church here in America is not blossoming spiritually...and is seems that very few seem to be much
interested in spiritual things.)

Neither shall fruit be in the vine... (Where is the "fruit" and the zeal in Christian's lives? We all seem to be so dead....)

The labor of the olive fail... ( Olive oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Where is the real power of the Holy Spirit in our lives! How
I long for real revival!)

And the field shall yield no meat... (Where are the Christians who are dining on the "meat of the Word" and sharing it with others daily?)

The flock shall be cut off from the fold... ( Growing apostacy....Professing Christians who are turning to the world.)

And there shall be no herd in the stalls.... (Very few Christians I know who are seeking true holiness and "feeding at Jesus' feet"
daily....in the stalls.)


Yet maybe I shall find a number of ya'll reading here????? I hope so...because I need encouragement, too...to stay in the Word. :)

Let us stir ourselves to be in the Word daily and to share our "meditations" with one another! :)

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