Zeph. 3:17

17 The Lord Thy GOD In the midst of thee is mighty; He will save, He will rejoice over thee with joy; He will rest in his love, He will joy over thee with SINGING.

Yes, my song today is:

O LORD my God in the midst of me,

You are mighty, and YOU will save!

You will rejoice over me with joy!

You will rest in Your love!

You will joy over me with singing!

Your special promise to me today is that You are REJOICING over me! Yes, You are an emotional God, and as I sing and dance alone before You and the birdies here under the trees with my hands uplifted to You, I can just "hear" You singing, too, and Your song to me is:

I am the Lord Your God in the midst of thee.

I am mighty, and I will save!

I will rejoice over Thee with joy!

I will rest in my love!

I will joy over thee with singing!

Yes, You will rejoice and sing, but You will also "rest" in Your love. The original denotes "silence". You will rejoice with me in singing, and You will also rejoice with me in silence. As I stop my singing and dancing, may I rest in Your "silence", too, and meditate on Your finished work on the cross for me. This is why You can "rest", and may I also REST IN YOUR LOVE - knowing that I am FOREVER YOURS! You sing with me...You cry with me...and now You sit in quietness with me! Thank-You, Lord, for Your Almighty LOVE! And in the stillness of this moment, I can hear You singing to me once again with JOY -

My little lamb, my precious, my Love,

I died just for You...I love you so!

Today I JOY with thee in SINGING

That my love forever you shall KNOW!

Thank-You, Lord, for Your beautiful PROMISES! Amen!

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