Puppy on the Log

I was walking my log and meditating again this morning, and our puppy...who is getting bigger...is beginning to be a real nuisance! He's watched me walk this log so much... and he is finally big enough to get on it and walk it too! :)

Today he was really being a nuisance and was in my way! I kept knocking him off, and then he would jump back up and nip at my heels....nip at my heels...nip at my heels!

The log to me is a picture of the "straight and narrow way" that I
must keep walking "no matter what"... and the dog is a picture of the flesh and the devil in my way...and the sins and "weights" of Heb. 12:1. I MUST lay them aside...and resist! I must "keep on keepin' on" walking this straight and narrow path...by God's grace. Amen!

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