Slipppery Places

There is this old log that fell a few years ago in an ice storm, I think. The bark is mostly peeled off now, and this is my favoriteplace to pray. I walk the log while I pray. :)

Well, several times I have slipped on this log. This morning there was a gentle, summer I took off my shoes and walked the log in the rain. :) I knew very well that I MUST be VERY careful. Well, I did slip several times, but I didn't fall or
anything....PTL! :)

The Lord brought to my mind how desperately "slippery" it is to live in this 21st century world. So many many fiery darts from the many places where we could easily slip and fall and get off the "narrow path". I indeed believe we are in atime of "deception" where even so called "Christians" could easily encourage us in the wrong way and cause us to "slip and fall".

As I walked this wet log this morning in the rain, I realized that we as 21st century Christians cannot just "skip along this log of life". We must be very careful where we step and how we step.


Marie said...

Dear Sister,
I just found your blog today. Are you still there, or are these archives? I just learned about blogspot last week, as I was seeking encouragement as a modest Christian lady, for clothing, home, economy ideas as well as spiritual light. Are you the lady of head coverings, or was that someone else--I get mixed up with all these blogs to look at for modest Christian ladies. But I am so thankful for knowing others the Lord is leading to Him and His truths. I am one of maybe 3 ladies in our large church who are concerned with modesty and simplicity, as well as heart preparation for Jesus' soon return. Thank you for this blog--I am encouraged to do more Scripture meditation all day while doing chores, since sometimes my thoughts are not uplifting or beautifying the heart, or just too focused on things or to do's, and not heavenly thoughts.

Mom of 7 said...

Praise the Lord for your desire to know and follow Him more closely. I may eventually make more posts, but these archives are "meditations" I've done for years that I finally put basically all at once on these blogs. I hope you will return often and read them all. Please feel free to email me privately. :)