Captured Hearts


"Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men." Eph. 4:8

The ascension of Christ is very important...and without it we have no salvation!
As he ascended to the Father, he led "captivity captive."

We who are saved by
His grace were once "prisoners of sin". We were the "captivity" that He led captive.

He CAPTURED OUR HEARTS! Praise His name!

Has He captured YOUR heart? Really and truly?

Do people KNOW that? Can they tell by what occupies our minds and what we talk about?

This verse also says He gave GIFTS to us! Ah, many gifts! Are you thankful for the gift of FAITH that He gave you, if you are indeed saved?

And what about these gifts?

Rest...Mt. 11:28
Keys of the Kingdom...Mt.16:19
Power over evil spirits...Lk. 10:19

Living water...Jn. 4:14
Bread of Heaven...Jn. 6:5
Eternal Life...Jn. 10:28
Legacy of Peace...Jn. 14;27, rev. 2:26,28; Rev. 21:6

BTW, I got that list from my Thompson's chain reference Bible, and it was a blessing to me to look up and read the verses. Maybe you would like to also. :)

There are many other gifts of the Father as well...our material possessions, our
family and friends, our talents, our spiritual gifts, etc.!

But the questions that came to my mind were... "Do I love Him for His gifts?" Or...."Do I love Him....with or without the gifts?"

"Do I love HIM.....or do I just love Him for His GIFTS?"

If and when God ever puts us in a place when we have NO GIFTS he did Job...will we STILL love HIM?

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