Narrow Way

How many of you have read Pilgrim's Progress?

The mention was made this morning about the main character in Pilgrim's Progress who had a great burden on his back...the burden of sin. He was heavily weighted down by it...and ran from the City of Destruction when he knew of the way to get rid of the burden, although his family was crying "Come back! Come back!"

Have we ever had a heavy weight of sin upon us? I'm afraid many so called "Christians" in America are like Pliable who just decided to follow Christian... but who haven't ever felt a heavy burden of sin on their backs. The comment was made that in order to be saved, you have to know yourself as "LOST" first.

Today's "easy believism" in so many ways is not the "narrow path" but rather a broad way...He gave the illustration of a big barn with a big wide door that is opened whenever the hay truck backs in. But there is also a smaller door within the big door that you can walk through without opening up the big door.....

Narrow is the Way to life....

Someone also sent me a message today that I listened to that emphasized that so much of the "so called Christianity" of today is a humanistic, "ME" religion....promising life and peace to everyone without real repentance. Shouldn't we serve God not for us but for HIM???

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